Bee Cutout and Removal

We DO NOT charge for the actual removal of the bees, however, we do charge for our time.

Not unlike a plumber, heat and air technician, or mechanic, we too are a service provider. Some of our overhead consists of a convenient toll free number, liability insurance (many do not carry this), tools of the trade, and inventory to house the bees. Many folks do not know that each colony that is relocated to a Langstroth (typical beehive) apiary will cost around $75+ just to put a roof over their heads. That doesn't include any feeding if it's a swarm or cutout with little honey reserves.

We want to be upfront with this information so that anyone needing our services will not be surprised when we provide a quote for a particular job. Thank you for considering Bee Wise, LLC and giving us the opportunity to meet your bee needs!