2020 NUCS - Balance after deposit


Congrats on the purchase of your 2020 Spring NUC!  This is the $185 balance to complete your purchase as paid in full!


*** $100 is a non-refundable deposit being applied to total nuc cost of $185 ***

Our 2020 NUC offering is Italian bees with a new laying queen.  Your NUC will come in a reusable ProNuc.

Frame count will consist of 3 frames of brood, 1-2 frames of honey, and the final frame will be a new wax-coated plastic foundation. 5 frames in total.

Pre-order is a $100 non-refundable deposit to reserve your equipment and bees. An $85 balance will be due Feb 14th, 2020. An invoice will be sent out for the remaining balance.

Pickup will be May... timing will depend on the readiness of the bees.  Pick up location will be Duncan.  More details will be sent out closer to the pickup date.