9 5/8" Deep Supers - Economy Unassembled

9 5/8" Deep Supers - Economy Unassembled

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Economy: The same precise fit as the other two grades but it is a lower wood quality. Does not pass quality standards for select or commercial grades but it is a good serviceable box. Layer knots and knots with crack or splits are allowed. Our woodenware is manufactured from hand selected Ponderosa pine. Each board has been carefully moisture-metered to assure its proper moisture content before it is precision milled into the finished product. All our supers have "pre-drilled" holes for nails to prevent splitting during assembly. Handholds are taper cut for easy gripping - Moisture Metered before cutting to prevent warping - Uniform Interlocking Joints for strength - Ponderosa pine from the Northwest, the best wood for the job - Uniform Frame Rests provides the proper "Bee Space" - Nails not included Not assembled. Paint the outside of the super only.

Ship wt. 8.5 lbs